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Untangling the Mystery of Working Out with Natural Hair Extensions

Don’t Sweat the Sweat!

We know that RANI HAIR extensions make women feel confident and beautiful, but we also realize that exercise has the same effect. And you should not have to compromise one for the other! It is possible to swim, sweat and show off your stunning locks.

Work Out That Updo

Salty sweat is acidic, which has a drying effect on hair. When exercising, it is crucial to keep your hair off your neck and shoulders to avoid sweat absorption. The easiest way to do this is to remove clip-ins. For bonded hair, simply put your hair in an updo! High ponytails are very chic, and topknots and buns are also stylish. But don’t pull too tight, as this puts stress on bonds, tape and beads and can lead to slippage!

Extension Wrap

Headbands function as both an accessory and a hair protector! Start with a mesh wrap to hold your hair together with breathability. Next, add a bandana or scarf! Cotton is good for soaking up excess sweat, while silk is gentle for breakage. Just be sure to wrap loosely–tight wraps trap moisture!

A Lil Hair Extension TLC

The most important part of hair care is the aftercare. Immediately wash your hair after exercising to eliminate odor and mildew. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, then dry naturally or with cool air. Summer is full of fun, but too much sunshine and sweat can dry out hair. Using deep conditioning hair masks twice a month can bring the gloss back! Be sure to apply to the ends only, not near the bonds.

Hair Extension Fitness

“RANI HAIR is amazing while working out. I installed 3 bundles of the Natural Body wave 18″ and 20″ around 2 months ago. I sweat so much. I was truly worried about the care of this hair, mainly because in the past, the other brand hair would tangle badly on the inside bottom,” says one of our Royal Ranistas. “RANI HAIR has minimal to no tangles, even though it is virgin, and no shedding. This hair is the real deal. I’m so relieved my workouts don’t affect the quality of my hair.”

Don’t let your hair extensions stop you from achieving your goals! Follow our tips and you’ll be ready to slay all day! Do you have any useful tips about your extensions? Be sure to leave a comment below. Upload your RANI HAIR photo to instagram with #loveranihair and show us how you love RANI HAIR! Click here to shop our styles.